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Each commercial project we do has it’s own unique hurdles to be over come. Do we need to use models? Do we need to rent a space to shoot in? These are both questions we work with our clients on. We do projects on a regular basis that utilize these two scenarios. We would be more then happy to help walk you through this process. The fees for these will be worked into our billing cycle to make the clients life easier.

Another question that comes up on a regular basis is the Film v/s Digital debate.While the large majority of the work we do is in digital raw we still rely on film a good bit as well. It’s a case by case basis. There are times that transparency film in the medium format will just look better in the end. It really comes down to what the images final use will be.

Below is a breakdown of what you may see on a bill or proposal.

Talent - This will include models, make up artist, hair stylus should they be needed.

Rentals Fee - This fee will include any rentals of additional equipment such as additional lighting, venue for shooting in, etc.

Film Fee - this covers cost of film & film processing. Film is billed out at $10.00 per roll (15 exposure roll). Processing is billed at $11.00 per roll

Shooting Time - This is an hourly rate billed to clients for shooting their images. Rates range from $50 - $75 per hour. This rate also applies to digital capture

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