Creeping Crud

The week or so things have seemed to be dragging. I don’t know if it’s that time of year or what. To complicate things our whole house has been fighting what we call the “creeping crud”. It’s not the flu per se’ but it’s where post nasal drip (PND) turns your sinus’ upside down and inside out. Sore throat from the PND then leads to congestion which leads to coughing up stuff from your chest. It seems that this just keeps going in a never ending circle and going to the doc for it is useless. So needless to say things have been slow around here. It’s been a lot of catching up on paperwork and things like that. Nothing overly exciting I suppose. I just can’t wait for spring to get here and get some shooting done.


Gateway Auto

It’s in a way kind of odd. Most not all of our images have some sort of story behind them. I guess to a photographer our images are sort of like our children. In Gateway Colorado there is the
Gateway Automobile Museum which Gateway is a little less then an hour away and is an nothing bigger then a dust spot on the map. What makes this area is the Gateway Resort.

When I first heard about this place I had my reservations. A big open room that had as many cars piled into it as humanly possible. After all I have been to summertime car shows and that always happens and you never really get any good print worthy shots.

This place is not your norm. I was there during a weekday when the kids were in school. There were maybe 5 people there and two were employees! The lighting was amazing. I honestly think who ever did the lighting was a photographer. I couldn’t have lit things any better myself. No reflections of other cards or anything distracting. This is like car photographer heaven. Any car we wanted the hood opened for all we had to do is ask.

I could have stayed there for days literally shooting. At the end of the day I had some amazing images. I asked one of the employees what value did they have in these cars and he said several hundred million dollars. As it turns out the guy that owns the Discovery Channel John S. Hendricks owns this museum. Wow what a place. Below is one of those images from that day.

1954Oldsmobile F88 LR

For the car guys out there this image is of a 1954 Oldsmobile F88 convertible.


New Online Store

It’s finally all done. 8 days ago we started the switchover to Smugmug Pro. Our iMac has been churning away 24 hours a day for 8 days strait. Over 950 images in our online store now. I think our iMac is officially on vacation for a day or two. Take a look around. This last week has been a little nuts but we are so happy with the end result. We have 2 different portfolio galleries so prospective clients can see what type of images we create for commercial clients.

It was kind of odd in a way. Seeing all those images that were created over the last 8-9 years and seeing how our work has advanced not to mention how the technology behind these images have gotten better and better over time. I guess in some ways you can all it a photographic evolution. I can’t wait to see what the next phase brings us.


Changover is almost complete

We can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our switch from Photo Shelter to Smugmug Pro is almost complete. We still have images being loaded into our online store and this will take some time. We have had over 900+ to load. So it’s not something that can be done quickly.

We also have images in several portfolios that are look only and not for sale. These galleries are for portfolio purposes only. We can’t wait till everything is up and open. We have massively increased the products we can offer customers. We hope you guys will be as pumped as we are.


Time for a change

As we start a new year also comes some slight changes to Crawford Imaging. We have chosen to partner with Smug Mug and go our separate ways Photo Shelter. It’s not something they have done or anything like that. We have been with Photo Shelter for 9 years. As a matter of fact I think we were among the first to partner with them. I stopped by their booth at Photo Plus Expo in NYC in 2003. I had just left a portfolio review and there was a girl at the booth who had asked to see my port. After a couple images all of the employees from Photo Shelter were huddled around looking at my images. They suggested I join because at the time they didn’t have many people shooting the stuff I was. Nine years later I have seen the fall of the Photo Shelter Stock group and month by month more and more money goes out with nothing coming in.

In the nine years I have spent thousands and only had less then $200 come in. That’s not the type of loss we feel we can continue with. Not with other options like Smug Mug out there. Over the next day or so you will see some changes taking place as we close one chapter and open a new one. We hope to have things fully operational by the end of the week. So please bare with us and this change happens.