Time for a change

As we start a new year also comes some slight changes to Crawford Imaging. We have chosen to partner with Smug Mug and go our separate ways Photo Shelter. It’s not something they have done or anything like that. We have been with Photo Shelter for 9 years. As a matter of fact I think we were among the first to partner with them. I stopped by their booth at Photo Plus Expo in NYC in 2003. I had just left a portfolio review and there was a girl at the booth who had asked to see my port. After a couple images all of the employees from Photo Shelter were huddled around looking at my images. They suggested I join because at the time they didn’t have many people shooting the stuff I was. Nine years later I have seen the fall of the Photo Shelter Stock group and month by month more and more money goes out with nothing coming in.

In the nine years I have spent thousands and only had less then $200 come in. That’s not the type of loss we feel we can continue with. Not with other options like Smug Mug out there. Over the next day or so you will see some changes taking place as we close one chapter and open a new one. We hope to have things fully operational by the end of the week. So please bare with us and this change happens.