Eco Friendly

Crawford Imaging is now a Eco Friendly “GREEN” business.

We have recently been certified with the Green Bride Directory We are also working on becoming certified with the Green Wedding Consortium. Some of the areas that we have worked to become green include:

Paperless Billing - all invoices, bills, and receipts have been eliminated and replaced by electronic PDF

Camera’s use rechargeable batteries - When available our camera’s utilize rechargeable batteries to power camera bodies, and external off camera flash

Wedding Packages have GREEN options - All of our wedding packages have a Green Option. Clients can receive all images on CD/DVD’s to eliminate needless unwanted printing. We also put all images on a secure website for purchasing. Only have the images you want printed. Thus saving on paper

When available all our prints are printed on Epson Recycled Paper

Website is hosted by Fat Cow which uses wind and solar energy to operate self sustained utilities which includes all electrical and hosting of clients websites


First Comes I-pad

Wow - what a week it’s been so far. As some of you may know earlier this week Apple released the highly anticipated I-pad. This one addition to the apple family I think is going to change the way pro photographers meet with clients. No more will I-pad users have to drag out the old laptop to show clients their work. It can all be done on the I-pad. One of the best features is the price. Most laptops from Apple start at around $1,000. I-pads start at $499. All of the apps people love on the iphone can also be used on the I-pad as well as new I-pad only apps. So this is really going to change how things get done in this business world. For more info on the I-pad go to

If that wasn’t enough get ready for Monday. When you feel the earth move under your feet don’t worry it’s not another 7.2 earthquake it’s just Adobe releasing Photoshop and Creative Suites 5. This new version of Photoshop has been deemed the largest upgrade to Photoshop ever. More robust camera raw features mean more control over your raw images. Lets be honest have you ever heard a raw photographer say they wanted “less” control over there images? I didn’t think so. Adobe is doing a free webinar on Monday. To sign up go to

I think it’s safe to say that Apple and Adobe both are feeding tech nerds everywhere within the photographic industry.