Technology is a big part of what we do. With that being said it is not the cornerstone of what we do. Anyone can pick up a camera and shoot pictures. Everyone has cameras these days point and shoot cameras and every cell phone has a camera these days. So the reality is everyone has access to photography on some level. One question I get asked all the time is why we charge what we do? We try to keep our rates as low as possible but the basic fact is that while digital has reduced the price of shooting ( no film charges ) it is not free. We have to still cover costs such as insurance, gear upkeep, software, our time along with other considerations. When you pay for a photographer you are paying for our knowledge, our education, skill, and mastery of software all of this goes into every shot we create. Just on Software alone we spend almost a thousand dollars for software and training alone.

When clients come to us they come to us because we are good at what we do. People that come to us for portraits aren’t coming to us to buy paper. They want a unique piece of art that captures and saves a moment in time. That’s what we love about our job. We love to create, we love the interactions with our clients. That is what stirs us to continue creating the best images possible.

Today Apple is set to release new toys. iPad 3 among others. Will we be dropping everything to upgrade to the latest and greatest? No we weigh the cause and effect. Will it save us time? Will it afford us to create better images? Will it allow us to create more products to our clients? Sometimes the latest and greatest don’t add up. Later on this year we will see Mac OS X Mountain Lion, along with new versions of both Aperture and Photoshop. Those are the areas that we will be focusing on first. We will be interested to see what Apple is unveiling but we won’t necessarily be running out the door to purchase.