What is Photoshelter

What is photoshelter?

This is one question I get asked a lot. The short answer is it’s our right hand. Photoshelter is a website that is geared specifically for photographers. One of the many ways we use Photoshelter is to house more then 1500 images we have in our online store which is set up through Photoshelter. This allows clients to look through all of our images make purchases. There is no middle man. For a small fee Photoshelter takes care of everything. Printing, shipping all of it. So for our fine art line they are a big part of who we are.

Photoshelter also allows us to have different galleries set up and even have galleries that are password protected for our clients. This is huge for us. When we shoot weddings it allows us to put all of the images from the wedding in a password protected gallery. So the clients and family can log in when it’s convenient for them to look through and make purchases of prints.

We have even taken this a step further and starting last year we did the same thing with one of the rodeo’s we shoot for. It was a great hit for us. People were always commenting on how much they liked the service.

I also like that Photoshelter is constantly working hard for us the photographers. They have a steady series of free webinars which help educate photographers and get the most out of the photoshelter services. I can’t begin to tell you how much these have helped us in our daily business. They also help market the photographers of Photoshelter as a collective. It’s really nice to know we have someone in our corner working hard for us.

If your a photographer who is wanting to do more with stock or just have more of a online presence then Photoshelter is the perfect fit for you. It’s always nice to know that if one of our external hard drives fail we can always go in and download our images from Photoshelter. We have actually had this happen and that option alone is worth the $50/mo we pay for our pro account. Photoshelter also has customization featured that help mirror your site. Most of the visitors to the site never realize that when you go into our online store that you have left our website. That feature is a slick feature we love. Check them out at www.photoshelter.com