Creating a one of a kind brand

We are on the prowl. We are looking to create a one of a kind brand with Crawford Imaging. We are looking for a partner in crime. We want to be a full service business in the creative arts community here. Being able to handle not only cutting edge photography but also graphic design, and web design. With that being said we are looking for a highly creative graphic designer who can work in Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Flash, etc. This would be a joining forces under Crawford Imaging as a collective. We are looking for an artist that would work well with us and compliment our unique vision and style of work.
We are looking at a studio space here in Western Colorado that would engage creative thought in work atmosphere. The space has high ceilings 14+ ft high and somewhere around 2,000 + feet of space. We would be splitting the studio space as well as utilities and other business costs. As a partner you will have usage of our commercial printer which is a savings of about 25% - 35% off what local design printers charge. This would be a perfect opportunity for recent grads of local and national graphic design programs or, a young vibrant designer who is redding to cut their teeth on their own but doesn’t want the high cost of paying for everything themselves.

If this sounds like you then please give
Charles a call at 970.589.7389 or email portfolio samples. The time is now to put Grand Junction on the map for creative services like what you see in larger markets. We will be working with clients both locally, statewide and nationally. Are you ready to step up and bring your “a-game”?


Pure BS

The below post comes off of photographer Chase Jarvis Blog.


[UPDATE: The criminal charges against him have just been dropped and the judge issued a court order for the release of his camera equipment. Good news for sure, but the points remain: 1) we need documentary shooters shooting the entire gamut, legal and not. 2) we need public defenders who understand this need and are prepared to help us defend it.]
This is nuts. LA photographer
Jonas Lara has been arrested and faces up to a year in prison for ‘aiding and abetting’ two graffiti artists while documenting their work in February. Lara pleaded not guilty, wisely citing it’s within his rights as a photographer to be at the scene documenting the work of the artists. But here’s the rub: his public defender, David Gottesmann, has so far refused to consider his rights as a photographer as part of the defense.

PDN reports, “When he was arrested, Lara was working on a long-term project for which he has documented the work and creative processes of 30 visual artists. Lara met the two graffiti artists at an abandoned building in South Central Los Angeles to photograph the pair as they worked on the illegal mural. The photographer says the officers were understanding when he explained his reason for being at the scene. They told him they needed to process him, and that he would be free to go in the morning. After advising Lara that it would be dangerous to leave his car in the neighborhood, one of the officers even drove Lara’s car to the police station so he could avoid a towing fee.
Once he got to the police station, however, Lara’s situation became much more precarious. The police held Lara for eight hours before telling him he was being charged with felony vandalism. He was held for 26 hours in total…before his wife bailed him out.”
Now call me crazy, but this is pure bullsh*t. I’m not advocating crime, I’m advocating Lara’s rights to document it. His public defender won’t cite his rights as a photographer? Huh? If documenting crime is a crime, then why isn’t every photojournalist who documents drug abuse, war, and violence in prison? The guy is headed for the MFA program at Art College in Pasadena. His work is legit. We need pictures like these.
Since his public defender doesn’t see the light (wtf?), Lara needs private council. He’s got a donation page
here. Spread the word. And if you’re a photojournalist, please keep shooting.

This is my own two cents worth but does this mean every single war photojournalist can be arrested for murder or manslaughter because they did nothing to prevent deaths? Come on guys this is just plain stupidity.


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Want to know what we’re up to? It’s simple! We are huge tech nerds at heart. We have welcomed with open arms social media. We love Twitter. So if you want to know what personal projects we a looking at follow us in Twitter-land @crawforfordimaging From time to time we will post things on twitter of personal projects we want to shoot last minute usually the day before or 2 days in advance.

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Review Photoshop CS5

So over the last week or so I have had the opportunity to really work in the new camera raw window of Photoshop CS5. When I shoot digital its all in camera raw. The first thing you really notice is the sharpening dialog window. Adobe has really done their homework in the area of what photographers need and what our pet peeves were.

In CS3 if you sharpened your images at say 100 to 150 you were stuck with rainbow noise or same color noise. Not in CS5. By sliding the luminosity and luminosity detail sliders all the way over to 100 you clear 90% of the noise out. You don’t have to choose between low noise and a soft image or a noisy image but tack sharp. You can really have the best of both worlds.

Another area that I have really noticed a big improvement is in the jpeg window. Before the spot healing brush ( band aid tool) was a 50/50 crap shoot. Sometimes you would use it and it would do more damage then good. In CS5 you have content aware. It’s not fool proof but is definitely a step in the right direction. With this tool if you use it to remove a stray hair or a dust spot PS will look at the background and remove the unwanted hair with out adversely affecting the background. The only beef I have is that when you have a background that has a lot of detail and you use this tool with content aware sometimes it will make your background slightly blurry. This single change in PS has made a huge impact on the time I spend on post and makes it worth the upgrade price alone.

Another issue I am having at the present is with the camera raw window. Since I am on the mac platform the open, cancel, and done buttons are behind the apple task bar. So yes it’s annoying but CS3 did the same thing for some reason. Ahhh to live in a perfect world where everything worked as it


Review Cowboy Studio O-Flash ring flash

As mentioned in my earlier post on Friday UPS delivered my ring flash from cowboy studio. This particular type fits on your Nikon SB 600/900 and your flash fits on your cameras hotshoe. First impressions is that one it’t light weight. It’s all plastic so it’s a temporary ring flash. One good knock in your camera bag and I think it’s toast.

The ring flash connects to your SB 600 hot shoe flash via a quarter inch wide velcro strap when you have the flash head at a 90 degree angle. So far in the twenty minutes that I have played with it I have dropped my SB 600 twice now and the ring flash 4 times.

I tried to get a shot of a pepsi can shooting at ISO 200 F11 and a shutter speed of 60th of a second. With the ring flash off just using the SB600 the can was illuminated perfectly. With the ring flash on I was left with a black screen. Nothing was lit at all. In my test everything was the same between the two set ups which resulted in extremely disappointing comparison images.

When doing portraits and such the minimum most pro photographers will shoot at is F11 and 60th of a second. I am going to do more shooting with it, if it stands up to use and hopefully the results are better. I am sure I just wasn’t holding my mouth right when I shot the first set of test


Review Cowboy Studio 3 light set

Today I want to chat a little on the lighting kits sold by Cowboy Studio. I have been working over the past couple weeks on a huge food shoot. So we needed some soft boxes and some extra lights so we got Cowboy Studio’s 3 light set. Each light head is 110 watts. I must say I was impressed by the light it put out.

Sad to say my being impressed didn’t last long. In with our order we also got one of their ring flashes that fits on our SB600 from Nikon. One box came. No packing list no paperwork at all for that matter. I emailed support and was told they were out of stock on the ring flashes and it would be another week for that to ship out. Thanks for letting us know when we ordered. The ring flash came on Friday and that will be in a separate review.

The lights have an internal wireless function. So if it senses one head going off the other ones will go off too so that’s a pretty cool little feature. One head that I was using as one of my main lights died on me on frame 3. Not the 3rd shoot frame three as in the number between 2 and 4 and less then 10 minutes into the shoot.

So once again I call out there and get told I have to fill out online paperwork. So I fill all that out and then get an email from them saying I have to send the dead head back ( I get to pay for shipping ) so they can evaluate the issue and see if they are going to do anything.

See if your going to do anything? Give me a break seriously! Do you guys not deal with pro photographers much? This is not a way for a young company to win over more pro’s.

Thank God I still have my Hensel light set too. So I took one of my Hensel’s and that became my main light. To my amazement mixing lights and all 3 flash heads fired. So the Cowboy Studio lights wireless kicked in.

One major down side the the Cowboy Studio Lights is that they do not come with a PC Cable. There wired transmitter goes on your camera’s hot shoe if you are using only those lights. Which is really cheesy.

If your looking for small studio lights that are cheap then these may work for you in a pinch when they work. Customer service skills with pro’s are a must in the need to work on column. Just remember you get what you pay for. If your looking for a good set of 2 lights and have $1,500 to spend look into Hensel’s. My set that I have used from them I have yet to blow a fuse, modeling light or flash tube. They are real work horses.