Hectic week

So am I the only one who is so not ready for the holiday yet? My 2 step daughters will be leaving this weekend to spend the holiday with their Dad which means Christmas is even closer at our house. So between getting all the last minute things done and my shooting schedule I have not had the time to post much.

Earlier this week I saw one of the most amazing sites. We had a dusting of snow so a buddy of mine and I went up to the Colorado National Monument and made it up to the Independence Rock lookout. This was the point where they had the road closed. Over a 30 minute period we saw fog roll in and almost totally cover the valley where you could not the see anything. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. The contrast in colors were just perfect. Here are some of the pano’s from that morning. Within 5 minutes of these shots the fog was so thick that the rock formations disappeared completely.

Rolling in at the Monument

Monument Fog