For the Birds

I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because Colorado is a land locked state. I miss the beach and the wild life the beach offers. On our recent trip to Michigan and spending a couple hours on the beach on Lake Michigan brought all this back. The waves and sand between my toes the beach just does something to you. Time tends to slow down.

I know that most people can’t stand the creatures. Yes they are scavengers, they can be annoying as all get out but there is just something about Seagulls I am drawn to. I love to sit and watch them. How they behave, how they interact with other gulls and birds. I don’t know why I am so enamored with these birds. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the fact I have not seen the creatures people love to hate on a regular basis. Below are some of my favorite images of Seagulls from last week in Michigan.
watching the Waves

Waiting on Fall 8x20

Watching the Tide
Images ©2011 CW Crawford

Fall is Here

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler and the leaves here in Colorado are changing. Maybe I am slightly biased but I think the colors here in Colorado are among the best in the country. Every day I am reminded why I choose to call Colorado home. Beautiful mountains, rock formations and who can forget the Grand Mesa.

We recently took a trip to Michigan to visit Elizabeth’s family near Ann Arbor. Fall was in full swing last week there. One thing I did notice was the size of the leaves. In Colorado we have a lot of Aspen trees so fall colors are a lot of yellows and oranges. In Michigan you get a much wider color gamut with reds, oranges, and yellows just to name a few. I was blown away by the size of the leaves. Here most leaves are the size of your palm but in Michigan most of the leaves are almost the size of a child’s face! The kids were in fall heaven.

our kids would rake leaves in to a big pile then throw themselves in the pile and when the piles got leveled they would do it all over again. I decided I would play around with my iphone 4 some and check out the merge to HDR feature. It’s a pretty cool feature. Below is one of those images from one of the family’s “Leaf War’s”. It’s never a dull moment when kids are around especially with the big kids.

Leaf Fight



I recently updated my iPhone 4 to iOS5. Over all I must say that I am impressed with it. It seems as though the apps move a little bit quicker with this version. I love the fact that iOS now has twitter integration. I can’t really comment on iCloud just yet because I am still getting all of our macs updated. I love that Newsstand is now on the iPhone. I don’t know if you are like me but I have apps for the NY Times, USA Today along with a few others so it’s nice that they now have a “home”.

I have had my 4 for a couple of months now and to be perfectly honest I have done very little with video or pictures. Previous versions of the iPhones lacked a lot in this department. The camera on the iPhone 4 is a great improvement. This has been made even better with the iOS 5. Now you have the ability to crop, make auto adjustments, and remove red eye all from within the camera/photos app on the phone. It’s a step in the right direction but I still see a lot needed before leaving camera apps like instagram, camera+, or snapseed. The filter options are just better in these apps

If you’re a mac user and are running Lion there are a ton of other benefits to using iOS5 and Mac X Lion OS. I am still playing around with Lion and iOS 5 and will have to due another post on both for a later date.

MI Waves
© 2011 CW Crawford Shoreline of Lake Michigan at Grand Haven, MI

It's Been a While

Wow I guess it really has been about a year since any post have been done. I took some time off to pursue other interests. We tried to start a green ice rink here in Western Colorado. Our rink was a synthetic ice arena. We had that open for about a year but due to some health complications with my MS we had to close the rink. We have chosen to do private rentals instead for private parties, events, and things like that. 
I guess part of the reason I took the time off to pursue the green rink was the fact that I was in a creative rut. Better term was that I was creatively burned out. A few weeks ago I was shooting some stuff and I had forgotten how much I missed not only shooting but how much I missed working with files in Photoshop. The camera and my computers are like a extension of my body if that makes any sense. Hopefully this time around I can keep from burning out. This time I plan on making time for other things as well. Even split between photography and life away from photography.
A friend of mine, Erik has gotten me into fly fishing. For 6months or more I have really been getting into tying flies. On one hand I guess it is a normal migration. It's kinda odd it's very relaxing both tying and fly fishing. I live in one of the best fly fishing states in the country.  Hopefully I can do a nice mix between photography and fishing.