Things always take longer this time of year

It seems that things this time of year always take a bit longer. Monday I was out shooting in Utah hoping to get some images of big horn sheep but instead I had to drop 10 yards and punt. No big horns but I did got some great black and whites from Arches NP and from Sysco, UT.

I don’t know why but for some reason old abandoned places I find interesting. Such is the case of Sysco, UT. Sysco is about 20 miles from the UT/CO state line. I don’t want to call it a ghost town because technically it isn’t. There are a ton of old buildings that have been abandoned many years ago. Most are falling down and have not been cared for. Some of the buildings that I would have thought would have been condemned 20 years ago or more are not only still standing but 2 of them are being lived in currently. I don’t mean by the homeless or anything like that. By lived in I mean someone just like you and me live there. As another photographer friend of mine were shooting some of the old buildings we noticed that some of the houses had cars parked next to them. Not old cars from 30 to 40 years ago but new cars that were produced within the last 5 years. I was absolutely astonished that 2 of these buildings were inhabited. It really does put life in perspective this time of year

Here are some of the images from Monday’s shooting. Hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas!

Courthouse Valley

Rising from the HillBW

Shadows of the Pump

Sunset in SyscoHDR

Got Gas?