Scott Kelby Photo Challenge

So in case you don’t know head over to
Scott Kelby’s blog. He is trying to raise a little over $9,000 for an orphanage in Kenya to be totally self sufficient with it’s food. Whether your a pro or hobby shooter I hope you will find the challenge inspiring. So head over to Scott’s blog watch the video and happy shooting!


Still looking to create a one of a kind brand

The hunt still continues to give Crawford Imaging a new fresh facelift. We are currently looking to partner with a local graphic designer to handle a wide range of products and services in house. So if you know of a recent grad from Mesa State or any other graphic design program graduate let us know. We are looking for someone who knows Adobe Illustrator, In Design, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc to name a few.
The successful partner needs to have a creative yet professional design eye. We deal directly business to business. We are
not looking for a designer who deals solely in skate punk or adolescent design, designing shirts or clothing. The type of designer we are looking for their realm will be a wide variety of print related media sources and the web.
We are looking at commercial space in the Palisade area. The successful partner would be splitting the commercial space with us including associated costs. See below for the full description originally posted on 5/13/10.
We are on the prowl. We are looking to create a one of a kind brand with Crawford Imaging. We are looking for a partner in crime. We want to be a full service business in the creative arts community here. Being able to handle not only cutting edge photography but also graphic design, and web design. With that being said we are looking for a highly creative graphic designer who can work in Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Flash, etc. This would be a joining forces under Crawford Imaging as a collective. We are looking for an artist that would work well with us and compliment our unique vision and style of work.
We are looking at a studio space here in Western Colorado Palisade to be specific that would engage creative thought in a working atmosphere. The space has high ceilings 14+ ft high and somewhere around 1,500 - 2,000 + feet of space. We would be splitting the studio space as well as utilities and other business costs. As a partner you will have usage of our commercial printer which is a savings of about 25% - 35% off what local design printers charge locally. This would be a perfect opportunity for recent grads of local and national graphic design programs or, a young vibrant designer who is ready to cut their teeth on their own but doesn’t want the high cost of paying for everything themselves.

If this sounds like you then please give
Charles a call at 970.589.7389 or email portfolio samples. The time is now to put Grand Junction on the map for creative services like what you see in larger markets. We will be working with clients both locally, statewide and nationally.


Flash comes to i-Phone/i-Pad

Yes you read the tittle right. For months now one of the major draw backs for i-Phone and i-Pad users has been the lack of Flash. Steve Jobs at Apple has stood his ground and said no to adding flash based content to the computer manufacturers 2 hottest selling offerings. There is now an app for that too. Cloud Browse is a new app for all the two devices that read and display Flash based content. Best of all it’s totally free.
It works like a dream. Once you download the app open it and go to the “web” button. It will pull up a window that looks similar to a Safari window and type in the address of the site you want to surf. In my test I went to our site (shameless self promotion I know LOL ) clicked on commercial photography and click again on portfolio. Instantly our slide show started. I must admit that I am quite impressed with this app and it works great and the price couldn’t get better did I mention it was free??