We finally have our office back

The year plus we have been off from our photography has taken it’s toll. The spare bedroom that we used as our office became our catch all room. Where things go put when we didn’t know where else to put stuff. It’s taken a few days but I finally have things back and even a space that I could do some shooting for products and stuff. I just need to get some hanging shelves for some odds and ends. We have a collection of old camera’s stuff from Kodak’s early days like the old Brownie’s. So I want some shelves to display those old gems. Outside of minor things like that I think we are all set. We have been in this house for 3 years and I think this is the first time we have had the office set to our liking where stuff isn’t in the way. It’s a beautiful thing!


So I was cleaning up in our office at the house. it's amazing how much stuff photogs can accumulate. 
I came across a box that my parents had brought out here last spring. As much as I hate to admit it
it got put on the back burner and 6 months later I am just now looking to see what's inside. Inside was
about 50 boxes that each held 1 roll of 35mm slides I had shot and has developed. I use to love those little boxes because they fit in with my filing at the time. Now of course they no longer make those lil boxes out of plastic so I have had to change my filing. Good ole 3 ring binders and plastic slide sheets
These 50 rolls were some of the first rolls I ever shot with slides. Seeing these old slides and refiling them really took me back. Some frames had me saying "why didn't this shot make the cut?" To be 
honest some of the images I have no idea why they didn't make the cut and become sellable images.
Then of course I get to other slides and I ask myself "What in the hell were you thinking?" Why did I screw up a perfectly good frame of film? Some of these were just atrocious. Framing was all wrong or a branch or something screwing up the whole thing.
Then it hit me that what I am really seeing is my own evolution not only as a photographer but as an artist. Each one of these screw ups has been a learning experience of what to do and what not to do.
Now I am just glad that we have digital and RAW and those lessons are so expensive. Of course now in 2011 the majority of what I shoot is in digital RAW but a good bit of my images are shot on a medium format camera shot on 120 slide film. So it's a good mix. I have learned to get the shot perfect then shoot it on film. We are always learning and evolving.