Thought I would share a story

I thought I would share a story another MS patient sent me. I think a lot of patients can relate to this. For a lot of us the MS bug comes out of left filed and it’s not something we were expecting. I think all of us react to things differently. It’s how you handle things and react after your diagnosis that matters the most. Do you lay down or fight back? I chose to fight just as many of us have.

iPhone 5 review

Apparently somewhere along the lines I have indeed turned into “that guy”. You know the guy that hears of Apple starting a new device and getting up obscenely early and waiting for the store to open so I could get my hands on the new it toy. We see tons of that guy on TV people that camp out for days in advance at the Apple store. Thank God I am not that bad and thankfully Grand Junction doesn’t have an Apple store.

I got up at 5 am to be at our local AT&T store at 5:30am to get in line for the iPhone5. I figured I had a 50/50 shot if the lines were to crazy I just wait a week or so. To my surprise I was #4 in line when I got there! It really wasn’t bad it was kind of cool. The people in line in front of me were awesome. It wasn’t cut throat like you see on TV. By 7:30am our line had grown from 4 to about 50 people the really shocking thing to me was that it wasn’t mainly hip kids or young professionals. It was mainly seniors! Yeah people age 70 and over which totally blew me away. I can not see my parents with iPhones. My folks can barely deal with On Star let alone Siri.

I have had my phone now for several days and truth be told I love it. Battery power is definitely better then my iPhone4. Being that the phone is longer (not by a lot) gives you an extra row of apps so your phone doesn’t feel as crowded which I am sure won’t last long until I download more apps. I have also been surprised with Siri. I have tried other dictation apps and they have really had a hard time with my southern accent. So far Siri has been right on target so far.

The version I got was the 16 gig black/slate iPhone. I just like the look of the black better then the white. All in all I am very happy with the phone. In the coming days I will also be posting up a review of the Otter Box Defender iPhone 5 case