28 February 2010

Marketing - Is it in your budget?

Marketing - Is it in your budget?

I have never understood why but for some reason it is an unwritten business law that when budgets are tight it’s OK to cut the marketing. One word can sum the usefulness of that as a tactic “stupidity”. Marketing is never a first to go expense. It is your business. Without marketing how will you reach your customers? How will customers even know you exist? A good rule of thumb is a businesses marketing dollar should be at the very least 10% of the net profits monthly. Monthly being something that is done each and every month.

There are tons of ways to research how well your marketing is working. Are you getting new customers on a regular basis? Do new customers comment on so and so gave me your card? If you have answered no to either or both of these then your marketing dollars are not working for you.

Campaigns are like a businesses identity. Everything has to match bottom line. Many of the clients we serve here at CI we handle campaigns for. Whether it’s as simple as business cards and, a brochure or even mailer. Your identity should be the same across the whole spectrum. You also have to trust the company you use. We hear every day how people think they are getting over charged for services but never leave them. It’s a business relationship like any other. If you were paying to much to your bank each month would you still have an account there? No of course you wouldn’t.

In this economy the businesses that survive are the smart business. So if you think your marketing dollars aren’t working as well as they could drop us an email let talk. In most cases we can do campaigns for under $1,000 which is almost half what some of the local boys charge. Shouldn’t that savings go in your pocket?