Our order from Amazon finally came in for our RAM for our iMac. We found out that we couldn’t install Mac OS X Lion until we added more RAM. Apparently Lion has to have a minimum of 2 gigs and we had only 1gig. So we ordered 3 gigs total which came in yesterday. I was a little scared to attempt this myself. I was scared that I would screw it up something. Thanks to a couple youtube videos I was able to do it no sweat. The whole process was so easy. I got the RAM switched in under 10 minutes start to finish. Got Lion installed and all is good in Mac-Land. I have been able to see a difference in Photoshop and Aperture things are definately running faster. This is probably the only thing you can do to your mac on your own. It costs twice as much to have someone install it for you. The ram on Amazon was under $50. To have a tech guy do it would have run well over $200. Another reason why I love my mac’s! Not to mention the upgrade to Lion was only $30. How much was your last Windows upgrade? Be willing to bet more then Lion…lol

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! A day filled with costumes and who can forget the candy! One of only a handful of days where your kids get hyped up and sugar and then crash. For most of us myself included it’s another day of work. I do find that it does make for some interesting images of people you run into.

I am reading some interesting posts on Google+. They have some apps that turn your photo’s of people into “zombies”. Interesting to say the least. So what you have planned this Halloween?