Review Cowboy Studio 3 light studio set

Review Cowboy Studio 3 light set

Today I want to chat a little on the lighting kits sold by Cowboy Studio. I have been working over the past couple weeks on a huge food shoot. So we needed some soft boxes and some extra lights so we got Cowboy Studio’s 3 light set. Each light head is 110 watts. I must say I was impressed by the light it put out.

Sad to say my being impressed didn’t last long. In with our order we also got one of their ring flashes that fits on our SB600 from Nikon. One box came. No packing list no paperwork at all for that matter. I emailed support and was told they were out of stock on the ring flashes and it would be another week for that to ship out. Thanks for letting us know when we ordered. The ring flash came on Friday and that will be in a separate review.

The lights have an internal wireless function. So if it senses one head going off the other ones will go off too so that’s a pretty cool little feature. One head that I was using as one of my main lights died on me on frame 3. Not the 3rd shoot frame three as in the number between 2 and 4 and less then 10 minutes into the shoot.

So once again I call out there and get told I have to fill out online paperwork. So I fill all that out and then get an email from them saying I have to send the dead head back ( I get to pay for shipping ) so they can evaluate the issue and see if they are going to do anything.

See if your going to do anything? Give me a break seriously! Do you guys not deal with pro photographers much? This is not a way for a young company to win over more pro’s.

Thank God I still have my Hensel light set too. So I took one of my Hensel’s and that became my main light. To my amazement mixing lights and all 3 flash heads fired. So the Cowboy Studio lights wireless kicked in.

One major down side the the Cowboy Studio Lights is that they do not come with a PC Cable. There wired transmitter goes on your camera’s hot shoe if you are using only those lights. Which is really cheesy.

If your looking for small studio lights that are cheap then these may work for you in a pinch when they work. Customer service skills with pro’s are a must in the need to work on column. Just remember you get what you pay for. If your looking for a good set of 2 lights and have $1,500 to spend look into Hensel’s. My set that I have used from them I have yet to blow a fuse, modeling light or flash tube. They are real work horses.