Review Nikor 50mm F1.4

Nikor 50mm F1.4


I have to admit after shooting professionally for 10 years I just got my first Nikon brand lens. Most of the time I go with Sigma lenses because they are cheaper. I picked up a 50mm F1.4 Nikor lens on ebay for $65. At first I was psyched because that was a steal I though. When it came in I felt like a total idiot because it is a non cpu non AF lens. 100% manual all the way.

At first I thought crap did I misread the listing? Nope I'm just an idiot. Then I though ok this may be an expensive paperweight in the office. I tried to attach it to my D300 it went on without a hitch. Then I did a google search and found a youtube video about how to set up a non CPU lens for the D300. Took literally 5 seconds to set up. Then I did some shots around the office think hmmm this may not be that bad after all. Today I put the lens through it's paces. I have to admit it's a pretty sweet lens. Focusing is easy and sharp. Focusing is easy once you get use to the old school manual and not be depending on AF. This may be my new favorite lens in my arsenal. Can't wait to try some portraits with it.

I did some searching and put in the S/N and get this...... the lens is older then I am!  It was made between 1970 to 1973. I must be a total photo nerd because my initial thought was "cool your using a lens on a digital camera that was made in a time when digital photography was just someone's pipe dream"! Kinda cool in a totally nerdy kinda way. I got my 50mm F1.4 now next on the lens list is to get either a 35mm F1.4/1.8 or a 24mm F1.8. I want a short wide angle prime. This time it will be a AF prime and not Manual

I can honestly say this is the best money I have spent on ebay in a while. While it wasn’t exactly what I wanted it has exceeded my expectations.

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