Review O-Flash Ring Flash

Review Cowboy Studio O-Flash ring flash

As mentioned in my earlier post on Friday UPS delivered my ring flash from cowboy studio. This particular type fits on your Nikon SB 600/900 and your flash fits on your cameras hotshoe. First impressions is that one it’t light weight. It’s all plastic so it’s a temporary ring flash. One good knock in your camera bag and I think it’s toast.

The ring flash connects to your SB 600 hot shoe flash via a quarter inch wide velcro strap when you have the flash head at a 90 degree angle. So far in the twenty minutes that I have played with it I have dropped my SB 600 twice now and the ring flash 4 times.

I tried to get a shot of a pepsi can shooting at ISO 200 F11 and a shutter speed of 60th of a second. With the ring flash off just using the SB600 the can was illuminated perfectly. With the ring flash on I was left with a black screen. Nothing was lit at all. In my test everything was the same between the two set ups which resulted in extremely disappointing comparison images.

When doing portraits and such the minimum most pro photographers will shoot at is F11 and 60th of a second. I am going to do more shooting with it, if it stands up to use and hopefully the results are better. I am sure I just wasn’t holding my mouth right when I shot the first set of test