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Flash comes to i-Phone/i-Pad

Yes you read the tittle right. For months now one of the major draw backs for i-Phone and i-Pad users has been the lack of Flash. Steve Jobs at Apple has stood his ground and said no to adding flash based content to the computer manufacturers 2 hottest selling offerings. There is now an app for that too. Cloud Browse is a new app for all the two devices that read and display Flash based content. Best of all it’s totally free.
It works like a dream. Once you download the app open it and go to the “web” button. It will pull up a window that looks similar to a Safari window and type in the address of the site you want to surf. In my test I went to our site (shameless self promotion I know LOL ) clicked on commercial photography and click again on portfolio. Instantly our slide show started. I must admit that I am quite impressed with this app and it works great and the price couldn’t get better did I mention it was free??