Photoshop CS5, upgrade cost,

Photoshop CS5 is now shipping!!

I don’t know how many of you out there have been eagerly await the news that Photoshop CS5 was shipping but here it is according to the Adobe website that Photoshop CS5 along with the rest of CS5 and bundles are now shipping.

So now the big question for you pro shooters is simple. To upgrade PS Adobe charges $199. Do you feel the upgrade price is worth all the new features Adobe is releasing in this new release? Is content aware worth $200? Is the new quick selection tool worth the upgrade cost?

From where I sit I say yes. From the fine art work we in our national parks to the images I take on the backroads and for our commercial clients content aware is worth that much. To me there is nothing more depressing then to see a beautiful old barn in the country only to find that man has screwed it up by putting phone or electric wires in front of it. With content aware I just mask over the wires and poof they were never there.

How many times have you set up a shot and just as you fire your shutter you realize some self absorbed retard walked into your shot. With content aware you can remove him in just a couple clicks. Less stress out in the field when shooting yeah thats worth the upgrade. What are your thoughts though? Is it worth the upgrade cost to you?