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Frequently Asked Questions

1)Are portraits shot digitally? Yes unless other arrangement have been made prior we shoot high resultion digital files.

2) What happens if I have a blemish or bruise? Small scratches, blemishes and bruises can be removed in post processing. If more work needs to be done additional charges may be charged. Ask your photographer prior to session for full details.

3) How long does the average shoot take? It depends on several factors. Among those considerations will include how many changes of clothes. On average shoots take 60 - 90 minutes or less. Shoots with babies, infants, and toddlers can sometimes take longer.

4) How long does it take before I can see my images? We make every attempt to have images ready in within a 5-7 days from shoot date. When you have your shoot appointment you will be scheduled for your viewing at that time.

5) How long before I get my finished images? When clients meet with us for their viewing and to place their order it generally takes 7- 10 days (on average) before your finished images are available for delivery.

6) Do you charge a sitting fee? Yes sitting fees typically range from $35-$50 depending on the desired shoot. Sometimes we run promotions where the sitting fee is waived. To see what our current promotion is contact us

7) Why are the prices higher then at Walmart? First of all this is a very common question. We are not for everyone. We do not shoot the high volume that Walmart, Sears, or JC Penny’s does. Our clients come to us because they want images as unique as they are. We are not your cookie cutter studio. Most studios will not bring the studio to you.

8) If digital is free why do you charge so much? This is a common misconception. Digital is not free. While granted it is not as expensive as film it is certainly not free. We still have expenses that have to be covered. Each media card runs about $100 or more. We also have insurance, software, lens costs, equipment, and so forth that has to be covered. On Average we have well over 30K in equipment this is by no means free.

Also keep in mind that you are not paying for paper. Xerox sells paper. We sell unique pieces of art. We take great pride in creating unique images for our clients. You are not paying for the paper your images are on alone. You are paying for our experience, our knowledge, and our education. A lot goes in to each image. Unfortunately it’s not just depressing a shutter and thats that. If you have questions regarding our policy please don’t hesitate to
contact us. Clients aren’t getting pictures. They are getting images that captures a significant moment in their life or their child’s life.

9) Can I purchase my images on CD/DVD? Yes you can purchase image discs additional fees for this are service are required.

10) Do you offer online ordering of prints and products? Yes we do offer online purchases that are available 24/7 so orders can be made when it’s convenient for our clients. Images can be made available in a password protected gallery with our partner Smugmug Pro. Images can be held in your personalized gallery for up to 45 days.

11) How do we schedule a session? Scheduling a session is a little bit different with Crawford Imaging. The first step is to fill out the
Consultation Questionnaire. This gives us a better understanding of our clients. Who they are as people and a little bit of info on what makes them unique. This information is never shared and is only read by the owner so you can be best matched with the perfect photographer. After we receive the completed questionnaire you will be contacted and a date and time will be booked.

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